Medical Fast and Weight Loss

At the end of the day, Med Spa 810 has one mission: helping our customers look and feel their best. We understand that one of the biggest health and wellness problems facing people today is weight gain. Besides the self-esteem issues that people often suffer after falling out of shape, it often causes your energy levels to fall as well. If you’re looking to get back in shape, Dr. B and the Med Spa 810 team can help.

Weight Loss and Medical Fast

When you come to Med Spa 810, you can choose between two options that can help you get back in shape. On the one hand, our Five Day Fast will help you balance your metabolism and blood sugar to boost your energy. If you want to achieve rapid weight loss, then you can count on the Transformations360 medical diet. It’s a serious diet that requires professional supervision, which Dr. B will provide along with her famous compassion and friendliness.

Five Day Fast: ProLon Professional

With over 100,000 adopters to date, the ProLon Professional Five Day Fast is the product of proven science and successful practice. It can effectively tackle your cravings and help you foster good dietary habits by resetting your metabolism. That’s not all, however; you’ll also benefit from reduced inflammation, improved cholesterol, and cellular detox. In just five days, you’ll feel energized and optimistic.

While this provides the benefits of a water fast, it’s easier and safer. You’re not going without eating, but managing your diet carefully. As a result, you’ll deplete your excess glucose while still receiving adequate nutrition. When you choose Med Spa 810 to help you with the ProLon Professional fast, you’ll also enjoy the support and care of Dr. B, one of the finest Scottsdale wellness doctors.

Weight Loss: Transformations360

When you need to take more radical steps toward weight loss and wellness, choose Transformations360. It’s a strenuous, challenging diet that you need to pass a screening to qualify for. However, this screening is a simple process: you’ll check in with Dr. B, and she’ll help you go over your medical history and weight loss goals. If she deems you eligible, you’ll begin right away. From there, you’ll receive her constant guidance over the following five weeks. Due to the rigorous nature of Transformations360, the supervision of a qualified physician such as Dr. B is a necessity.

Your diet will follow the ketogenic model but in a more specific, purpose-driven framework. Calorie counts are low, but you’ll be eating nutritious, satisfying whole foods. Not only will Transformations360 help you lose weight, but it will also build good habits that endure. Once you complete the diet, you’re sure to achieve a new pinnacle of wellness.

Achieve Peak Health and Wellness

Fighting to get back in shape is a struggle we all know, but you don’t have to go it alone. Here at Med Spa 810, we’re here to help you. Dr. B effectively leads our experienced, compassionate wellness team to help you achieve all of your goals. When you need help with weight loss or regaining your old energy levels, give us a call. We’ll help you choose between a medical fast or weight loss diet, and guide you through it every step of the way.

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