Waxing Scottsdale

Waxing Scottsdale

If you want to get rid of extra and unwanted body hair, then waxing is an easy, quick, and affordable way. Different types of wax are available, but knowing the wax to choose for a specific body part may be confusing. Other than that, if it is your first time visiting a Scottsdale body wax salon, the jargon used during your appointment may be confusing.

Waxes come in different types, ingredients, and formulas to handle all skin types, body parts, and preferences. Professional's advice using specific hair removal products and waxes depending on the body part for better performance and results. The waxes are recommended for smaller parts, and larger parts are not the same. Here are the best waxes for different scenarios.

Large Body Parts

Soft waxes are used for large body wax in Scottsdale salons. Legs, back, and arms are some of the parts that do well with soft wax. Before we wax these parts, it is essential to prepare the skin first. We apply a thin coating of wax for the arm and leg, then place the muslin strip on top and apply pressure, then rip it off against the direction of where the hair is growing.

We apply wax in medium-sized squares for the back, place the strip, apply pressure, hold the skin, and then rip off the strip. If your back hair is too long, we trim it, and if it is sweaty, we apply powder so that the wax can stick well.

Soft wax is advantageous since it can easily extend to a large area. The cellulose or muslin strips can be reused on stray hairs that did not rip off on the first attempt. Soft wax easily attaches to the hair, making it efficient for hair removal. Since soft wax is malleable, it can be spread on spots that are hard to reach.

Small Body parts

Hard wax is what waxing salons in Scottsdale use for sensitive and small body parts. Underarms, bikini lines, stomach, and face are done using hard wax. For the bikini line and underarms, apply a small coat of hard wax while considering the direction of hair growth. These areas have denser hair that grows in different directions, so we need to work the growth pattern and apply the wax according to the direction.

When we apply wax, we do a shape that is a rounded and a thick part of the wax towards the end so that you can grip and rip off wax. The lip ensures that the wax is not dry and brittle so that it is easy to remove. Face wax in Scottsdale, AZneeds utmost care, ensuring the wax has the correct temperature to avoid burns. By fanning the wax using our hands, we accelerate the drying process.

One significant advantage of hard wax is the fact that it is efficient in smaller-sized areas. Hard wax has an adherence to hair, preventing skin pulling, which minimizes pain and discomfort. Hard wax can be re-applied on the same spot without lifting the skin.

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Waxing Scottsdale

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